Air Conditioning Adelaide

Air Conditioning Adelaide

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse cycle explained:

Ducted reverse cycle systems provide Air Conditioned comfort throughout your entire home. Ducted systems can be installed in new homes and also tailored to suit existing homes. The indoor unit is located within the ceiling space and is then connected with quality flexible ducting which distributes cooling and heating to vents (either ceiling or wall mounted) located in the appropriate areas througout the house. The outdoor condensing system is installed outside the home where appropriate.

At Metro Air we only us the very latest ducted reverse cycle technology and provide a comprehensive range of products to suit any application as featured below.

Panasonic DC Inverter ducted series

Panasonic's latest Inverter ducted reverse cycle systems are more powerful and energy effiecent than conventional (fixed speed) systems. Panasonic Inverters adjust power to suit your actual requiements whilst continuously adjusting the cooling and heating tempreatures in rooms. When desired tempreatures are reached , Inverter technology ensures tempreatures are constantly maintained keeping you comfortable and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Actron Classic series:

ActronAir's Classic reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems use standard cycling (fixed speed) technology to heat or cool your whole house or just a few zones or areas.

Actron ESP+ series:

Actron ESP+ systems incorporates variable fan technology – Esp plus series systems can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitvely adjust airflow and system capacity using variable technology and digital Scroll technology.

Actron ESP Ultima series:

The Ultima series allows you total flexibility with the ability of controlling different tempreatures in different zones in your home at the same time. Using a combination of individual sensors and controllers Ultima continuously measures the tempreature of each zone and adjusts the tempreature accordingly. Esp Ultima also incorporates the same Variable technology as the ESP+ system.


High Wall Split Reverse Cycle Systems (Split Systems)

High Wall Split Reverse Cycle Systems explained.

High wall split reverse cycle systems are made up of an indoor unit that is located high on a specified wall and a condensing unit located outside the home. High wall systems are typically designed for 1 bedroom or a large living area. These systems offer independent tempreature setting and are super quite. New Inverter technology provides a high-precision method of maintaing the room set tempreature by varying the rotation speed of the compressor: thus giving you energy savings of up to 50%

At Metro Air we only us the very latest High Wall split reverse cycle technology.

Latest Panasonic NKR Split Systems.

Living an eco lifestyle dosen't mean you need to compromise on comfort. With Inverter, you can still enjoy refreshingly cool or warm air while reducing energy consumption by half. To further detect and reduce waste, now ther is ECONAVI. This technology features intelligent Human Activity Sensor and new Sunlight Sensor that detects and reduces waste by optimising air conditioner operation according to room tempreatures. With a touch of a button, you can save energy with uninterrupted cooling and heating – now thats smart.


Energy Smart Ducting and Components

Flexible ducting and componets explained

The design and type of flexible ducting along with the specific components installed in your home is just as important than the air conditioning system you choose.

At Metro Air we only use the latest duct technology and components which can reduce peak power demand by up to 30%.

  • Ductair Energy Smart Ducting – Superior thermal rating
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  • German Siemens motorised dampers to control sepreate areas of your home – High torque motors with all metal construction.
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  • Superior flow and patented metal insulated collar "y" fittings with "v" clamping system to ensure ducting can not blow off.
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  • Latest natural filtration return air filters to ensure your home and family can enjoy pure fresh and clean air.
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  • Latest Siemens zone controllers – stylish "LED" touch pads with built in safety functions.
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  • All metal ceiling outles – no plastic! – after all this is the one component you actually see in your home – will never fade, look and perform perfectly. Outlets come standard in powder coated white but can be painted to suit any colour you desire.

Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repairs

Summer is the busiest time of year for the air conditioning service trade - so don't leave it to the hottest day of the year to find out your unit requires maintenance!

Metro air can provide scheduled servicing and maintenance programs using qualified technicians to ensure all manufacturers warranties conditions are met!

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